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Welcome to the WigBank in North Yorkshire & the North East

What is the WigBank?

The WigBank was started by Agnes Lennox in 2003 - after being diagnosed with breast cancer, the worst part of her treatment was losing her hair during chemotherapy.

To buy a new wig cost a lot of money, even the NHS prescription service was expensive, so she decided to set up the WigBank to help others, so they could buy a stylish wig at an affordable price.

We collect in donated wigs, wash, condition, disinfect and restyle them. We then sell them to anyone wanting a wig, at the cost of £20.00, with £5.00 donation from each sale going to a cancer caring charity of your choice.

About Us

WigBank North Yorkshire & North East

Jill Ellison WigBank North Yorkshire

My name is Jill Ellison, and I have run WigBank from my home in the North of England since 2013. I too had first-hand experience of cancer and hair loss and found the same difficulties as Agnes.

My background is in hairdressing and wig making, having trained in the late 70s, enjoying a very successful career, eventually going on to teach my subject. I know from my experience how important hair and looking good is to us - and also the devastating effect hair loss brings.

Since joining the WigBank, I have helped many people regain their confidence with the wigs I have been able to supply from the countless donations received.

 I am very proud to be involved with this worthwhile cause.

Below are some samples, please click to enlarge.

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Ordering Wigs

I can send out a selection of wigs for you to try in the comfort of your own home, or if you're within a reasonable distance, I can come to you and offer a selection and impartial advice.

The choice is yours, try a few different styles, lengths and colours, have a whole new look, bring back your confidence, love who you are again.

Return what you don't want and pay for any you want to keep. No wig is more than £20.00, with £5.00 going to a cancer charity of your choice.

If I don't have what you are looking for in my WigBank, I am usually able to source one from our network of Wigbanks throughout the UK.


Please be assured that I offer a personal, private and completely confidential service. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.


Good quality wigs are always needed so others can benefit from the WigBank. If you have any to donate, please send them to the address below, or contact me.

Wig Bank North Yorkshire & Noth East

Jill Ellison

24 Millgate
Gilling West
North Yorkshire.
DL10 5JQ

Mob:  07379 257 288